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Interested in hand engraving and canít find the advice you need to get started? You have found the right place. This site has information on how to become a firearms engraver. Gun engraving and Knife engraving are different than jewelry engraving, so you need to make sure that you get the correct equipment and training for what you want to do.

In the Equipment section recommendations are made for several different budgets. There are also suggestions for other items you will want to pick up to make your life a lot easier.

The Training section has ideas for how to get trained. These range from full blown training schools, to mentors, books and DVDs. You really will need some way to figure out how to engrave. Training is the way to get good fast.

The Practice Ideas section is a set of ideas, projects and templates to help the new engraver to get started either while waiting for or immediately after training.

The Engravability section attempts to put a rating on the engravibility of firearms' metal.

Finally, the Links section has links to all of the items talked about on the site, design books, sources of used firearms, etc.

It is my hope that this website is a more complete answer than I could ever give you on the phone or at a gun and knife show. Hope your engraving future is as bright as a perfectly cut bevel.

Yours truly,

Gerry Beathard

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